Want to submit something to be in 3.1.1.?  Great, thanks, you’re awesome.  Here’s what you need to know.

First, we are a small zine, but are looking to include a lot of different information.  Any submission should be under 1000 words or, for comics and artwork, 1/2 to 2 pages.  If you are submitting something that is so $%@#ing amazing that we read it nineteen times, strip down, and start a cult in your honor, we might be willing to negotiate the 1000 word or two page limit.  Any other submissions that break this rule will be incinerated.

Because we all have full time jobs, we cannot yet guarantee that the physical zine will be published on a timely basis.  Therefore, we won’t be taking event postings for the printed 3.1.1. for now, though we want to change this soon.  The space for these kinds of postings is called The Walls, and can be found on the main page of this website.  Just leave a comment with all of the important details. Go nuts.  If it is a continual event, or an event in the distant future (roughly a month and a half), then send it our way.  We’ll see what we can do about putting it in the physical zine.  Also, the printed 3.1.1. will have blank pages in the back for you to jot down information about upcoming events.  This means, if you see 3.1.1. in a record store or cafe, and you have an art or music show coming up, you can write it in all of the copies and then leave them for other people to find, just like Easter.  Carry a pen at all times.

If you are a small local business involved in the arts community (or maybe not), a local non-profit, a young artist trying to sell your art or records, or a local small venue, you can advertise in 3.1.1.  Contact us at 311zine@gmail.com for more information.

We are open to nearly any submission or event post, provided it meets a few criteria.  We are focused exclusively on Bay Area phenomena.  Visiting bands and artists, playing shows in basements or bars, or exhibiting in a venue or cafe, are exceptions to this rule.  If you are traveling through the city and want to let us know, get in touch.  The first person to submit an article reviewing the most recent line up at the Outside Lands Festival will be flogged.  The second will also be flogged, and so on.

Submissions can include, but need not be limited to, prints, sketches, comics, photographs, reviews of bands, artists, or local films, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and articles about local venues, non-profits, and small businesses.  If you don’t know if we will want it, send it anyway.  If you know that we will not, then don’t.  The printed zine, for now, will be in black and white (sorry, we’re poor).  Accepted color images will be printed in black and white with the artist’s permission.  They will go up in color on the website.

We do not own or keep rights to anything submitted. What you submit is yours and you are free to submit anywhere else (though we would like to know about simultaneous submissions or submissions that have already appeared in other publications).  The goal of 3.1.1. is to give you a space, not take your work.

We don’t pay for submissions because we’re broke.  When you submit to 3.1.1., it is not for compensation, but because you’re a damn fine person.

Finally, all submissions should be sent to this guy.  Make sure that you put something in the subject line of any email to let him know that you aren’t spam.

Matthew K


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