Calamity Cole

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unidonkeyCalamity Cole is a fine artist and political cartoonist out of Oakland, California.  She was born in Los Angeles and has studied at The Art Institute of San Francisco and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently pursues a career in the arts. She’s produced and collaborated on collections ranging from photography to oil paintings. Figurative or portrait in nature, her work describes society, culture, and religion with an ironic sense of humor.  Calamity Cole’s work is an ode to the old masters while being innovative in the same stroke.  She paints about the tragedy and comedy of being human.


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Andrew EK

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A DayAndrew Ek is a painter who recently relocated to the Bay Area from Chicago, with his wife and two cats. He is primarily a self taught artist and began drawing early on. In the beginning, dinosaurs and anthropomorphic animals were his favorite subjects, but as he got older, he witnessed members of his immediate family deteriorate from schizophrenic psychosis. As a result, a peculiar darkness crept into Andrew’s work.

Today,  utilizing his physical surroundings as fodder for imagery while incorporating strong emotional undercurrents within his enigmatic sirens, his work has culminated into a nexus of bedazzling magic realism paintings that seem to evoke an unsettling pathos, as if you are being pulled into a horror movie universe where darkness looms just around the corner. As Andrew Ek has said, regarding this aspect, “I am attempting to record reality as if it were a dream, translating it into a finely wrought, phantasmagorical sequence. My aim is to envelop the viewer into an unfolding narrative in a vivid, cinematic context, similar to a movie still.”

Visit his website to view more of his work: www.andrewek.com

Apartment no.1 (Vacuuming)Apartment no.2 (Relaxing)

The Earlobe Wiggler

Theresa Fong

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boy shortsTheresa Fong was born in San Francisco, CA. In 2002, she graduated with Honors from San Jose State University with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in illustration. Here are some words from Theresa about her work:

“Recently, I started drawing because of my desire to revert back to traditional art rather than generating it on the computer…

In my drawings, I create a small window for the viewer to peer into. A hint of the subject is all that is needed to connect the rest of the story. My belief in the concept of less is more is the inspiration behind my work…

The main medium that I use in my work is charcoal. I like the darkness and richness of the medium, as well as, the bold contrast that it creates. Occasionally, I incorporate ink and spray paint with the charcoal; however, I appreciate the simplicity of just black and white.”

suffocationkerri 1

More of Theresa’s work, including graphic shirts and wood panels for sale, can be found at www.theresafong.com.

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Kellyn Planteen

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BigfootKellyn Elspeth Planteen was born in San Francisco, California.  She grew up in several different Bay Area locations, most notably, the San Francisco Presidio, where she was first exposed to the cypress forests, which make a reoccurring presence in her work.  Kellyn moved to Chicago in 2005 to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her current work focuses on capturing split second memories and emotions.  Mainly working in two mediums, her drawings allow her to capture emotion as it is happening, while sewing enables her to spend more time creating narratives that merge memory and fantasy.

Kellyn’s work can be perused at www.kellynplanteen.com.

Northgate Mall, Terra Linda, CADear Kellyn

I Love A Lot Of Things

Celine Maublanc

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Lionel et Amour Passionel LQNic's Comic Lid Splat LQ

Yes! Please touch my paintings! Ideally I would like everyone who observes my work to absorb it both visually and physically. Using your sense of touch to examine my paintings will allow you to better share my perspective, technique and artistic vision.
In my present series I am using mostly French symbols or writings. My French nationality comes out in my work. But now that I have started a new life here in California, I am becoming fascinated with American culture and themes. Once I have discovered my American perspective I plan to begin a series devoted to that as well.

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