About 3.1.1.

This is the digital 3.1.1. zine, a Bay Area publication focused on bringing its readers information about local happenings in the areas of visual art, writing, music, and community projects.  We will not update you about the most recent Frida Kahlo exhibit at the MOMA, or the upcoming Doves concert at The Fillmore.  These things are cool in their own way, but they have SF Gate and The Guardian.  We are focused, instead, on the SF State student’s art show at a record store, the upcoming show at The Knockout, and the kid that painted that badass mural you walk past every day on your way to work.  We love not for profit studios and record stores.  We love independent releases and bands that sell their records out of suitcases while they are still sweating from playing that awesome show.  We want to know about new venues, upcoming shows, exhibits, and events of damn near every kind.

3.1.1. is free, and always will be free.  If you see one in a record store, coffee shop, or just hanging out on the street, go ahead, help your self.  Take two and give one to a friend.  Don’t take two if you aren’t going to give one to a friend.

If you want to submit an article, review, opinion column, comic, any print media, work of fiction or a poem, check out the Submissions section on the main page.  If you want to post about an upcoming show or event (nothing that we can find out about from Ticketmaster or the MOMA website), do so on The Walls.

The physical print of 3.1.1. can be found in coffee shops, galleries, record stores, and a whole load of other places around the Bay Area.

So that’s who we are and what we do.  Go read something.

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