Issue One Available to Download

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Well, the first issue of 3.1.1. zine seems to have gone over well.  After five days of distribution for the first issue, we are damn near out of copies.  We were going to do something clever like post a list of all of the businesses carrying the zine.  Then we realized that sending our readers out all over town just to find out that the copies are out of stock is a sure way to get throttled.   Also, poverty dictates that, at least for now, we can’t print many more, so one of us decided to have something like a thought:  Why not put the PDF up online to download and print?

So we did.

The first issue is now available in booklet form in the Print an Issue section.  No more hunting.  Tell all your friends.



Coupon for Aspect Gallery and Custom Framing

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coupon aspect framing

Print this and use it.

Robert Schultze

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Rob_FilmScan2Born and raised in Green Bay, WI, Robert became interested in art at an early age.  By the age of 11, he had picked up his first 35mm camera and began shooting images of his friends, family, pets, action figures and more.  He studied painting with Steven Schultz for 3 years and gained a thorough understanding of color and composition before he switched his focus to photography.  By age 17, he was shooting professionally full time, freelancing all around Northeast Wisconsin doing everything from ad-work to journalism.  Still having a strong interest in art, he pursued galleries and had many solo exhibitions displaying his work.  He now lives in San Francisco, CA.


Rob_FilmScan1Rob_FilmScan4untitled-robert schultze

Untitled(2)-Robert Schultze