Damian Lanahan-Kalish

Posted in Poetry by 311zine on 08/08/2009

Mill Valley

A cling and a clunk
And I bust this old town
A rip and a rant
And I write it all down

A cascade of kindness
An old metal pot
A rock in the trail
And a nail in the rot

With Softly layered pitfalls
We call all our catcalls
And lick all our windfalls
While jumping in waterfalls

The orc’s and dragonfly’s
Tear up all the bar walls
While a parade of “These guys”
Tell stories about the old days

And I got away even without my family and friends
I’m stuck back here climbing a eucalyptus
Hiding from the Eclipses
At the little cold de’ sac at the world’s end.

6/4/01 New York Greatly Altered By AIDS

No more dancing in the streets
No more fucking at the turnstiles
Now all we’ve got is the straight dope
Hookers who faint at the sight of blood
And the soldiers who love them for it

About Damian

A founding member of both Sleepwalkers Theatre and Bay Area arts collective Mishap Productions. Damian’s achievements include Proms for High School Drop-Outs, Plays for people who don’t like Theatre and histories of things that never existed. He’s still best known for the fact that he writes on t-shirts with sharpies. Go figure.

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