3.1.1. DIY 8/8/2009

Posted in DIY by 311zine on 08/08/2009

by Allison Sparrow

Earring HoldersThis is the first installment of my DIY column for the 3.1.1. zine.  I started projects making useful, creative things out of found or cheaply purchased objects because I thought it would make more personal gifts for friends and family.  I’ve also had a long time infatuation with finding something, a chair or table or strip of fabric, on the street or in a thrift store and transforming it into something completely different, new, and uniquely my own.

Up until recently my earrings were scattered around my apartment, and I was rarely ever able to put together a set.  Luckily, the Madonna, one earring look kind of goes with my aesthetic.  However, I do like to be able to put together a set of earrings every once in a while.  So, I decided to make an earring holder.  This is a super simple project with very little cost involved.  The materials needed are as follows:

-embroidery hoop
-paint (acrylic or spray paint)
-paint brush if using acrylics (most paint brushes will do, but you probably want to have a fairly small tip)
-clear coat or mod podge (this is optional)
-wire mesh or cute fabric
-sand paper (350-400 grit)

First, sand the two separate rings of the embroidery hoop with the fine grit sandpaper.  This helps get the burs off of the raw wood and readies the surface for painting.

Next, paint the embroidery hoop.  Be sure to take apart the two pieces and paint them separately. I had to do two coats to get a solid color on both sides.  After the paint dries, put a couple coats of crystal clear over the paint.  This is not necessary, but I like the look of the gloss coat over the paint.

After that, cut your fabric or mesh wire slightly larger than the embroidery hoop on every side.  Stretch the material or mesh taught between the two pieces and connect the hoops.  Screw the top in place.  Hang your new earring holder on the wall and admire your work.

These little guys are inexpensive and easy to make in sets.  If you are going to make one, you might as well make a few and give them away as gifts.  I hope you enjoy the project.

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